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Travel Tips

  1. Travel Tips Folks please carry a tube of sun tan cream as we Indians don’t need tanning. Our lifestyles are such that we rarely step out in the sun, but when we holiday we are continuously in the sun and get deeply tanned that takes more than a month to wear off. So folks carry your sun tan cream and use it often during the day. A cap or hat too helps not only to tackle the glare but also the sun tan. Don’t forget your goggles. They make you look smart and also enable you to see things better minus the glare. For more sensitive people an umbrella is good.

  2. Do carry some comfortable footwear as you walk more than you imagine. Also cheap flip flop are a good option for beach related tourist spots. Shorts too are an advantage in such places.

  3. Do carry some favourite snacks or buy them locally because you never know when you will get lunch. Water is a must companion on any trip. Stock in your hotel room and carry some.

  4. A backpack is a good idea to carry all your stuff. Purses and other bags may be heavy a heavy burden.